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A Zumba lesson is a real party within yourself and not just a dull workout. The lesson is for everyone who wishes to try yoga without going deep into traditional yoga.

Kuid inimene kes soovib lihtsalt oma kalorid ära kulutada ei pea oma liikumist raskeks, kulutavaks trenniks muutma loe eelnevat "jah" kogemust - rasvapõletustsooni suhteliselt madal koormus annab praktikas lihtsalt kõige paremaid tulemusi.

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Ka kõrgem intensiivsus ja HIIT High intensity interval training on teretulnud kuid alles siis mitmete kuude pärast kui rasvapõletustsoonis treeningutega on tugev põhi alla laotud. Follow the day plan and take just a few minutes a day to lose weight and get in better shape!

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Lose weight fast by doing properly daily exercise and workout. Designed for women's family exercise and weight loss. It's more like your personal trainer, guiding you to exercise. The app is completely free and will continue to improve the exercise course. Full Body Workout Full Body workouts cover all body parts that women care about, belly, thigh, arm, butt. Focus on your trouble zone, training smart and maximize your fat-burning result.

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Office and Home Workout min fast Office workouts and Home Body workouts allow you to lose weight and keep fit anytime, anywhere. No excuse anymore! Water Tracker Water tracker that will remind you of the water you need to drink in the rest of the day.

Water helps you to burn and remove fat. Kindlasti mine ka kuhugi jõusaali treeningusse või bodypumpi, kuna suurem lihasmass kiirendab ainevahetust. Aeroobseks treeninguks võid võtta ka ntx vesiaeroobika. Söögiisuga on nii,et pead ise tugev olema ja mitte haarama iga asja järele.

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The class begins with a warm-up followed by a cardio or martial section - a cross-section of various martial arts. The class ends with the training of body muscles on the mat and stretching. BodyCombat is an efficient fat burner that can burn up to kcal per hour.

It reduces stress, improves coordination, increases stamina, and develops speed, strength, and muscle endurance. The workout is suitable for both beginner and the advanced fitness enthusiasts as the coach also provides easier alternatives to the harder exercises.

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BodyCombat is varied, basic combinations can be acquired within times. The class begins with a light warm-up, followed by muscle exercises.

Various tools are used. The workout starts with a short warm-up. This is followed by workout sessions, during which various cardio exercises and exercises focused on the middle part of the body are performed. The exercises are performed at full power in second increments, with recovery pauses in between. Despite the high intensity, the workout is also suitable for a less fit person because the exercises can be performed at a pace that suits you.

Exercises are performed with your own weight or using exercise equipment. The class ends with a short stretch.


Strong Nation Strong Nation is a high-intensity strength-cardio-plyometric workout in one, built on original workout music and using only your body weight, involving the whole body. In class, we do squats, arm bends, astronauts, and foot and hand strokes typical of martial arts. The workout is suitable for both beginners and advanced, during which the coach provides both lighter and more difficult variations.

Men like it too! A low-intensity part, with the challenge of arm bends embedded in it, plus, we also give a full workout to our legs.

Kinnita rihm ümber rindkere ja reguleeri see enda jaoks mugavaks. Kinnita konnektor.

The intensity increases, the pulse rises, that is, we make jumps, punches, and make our legs and feet work fast. An intensive part where the pulse is high and the effort is strong, i.

Classes marked in an orange-pink color in the timetable are Fitball lessons listed separately, as the classes are calmer in nature than regular muscle classes. Lots of exercises that train the corset muscles and are used in rehabilitation!

We do different muscle exercises involving all body muscles. The main parts are connected by short recovery parts, and we end the workout with a calm stretch.

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All you need is water, a workout towel, and a willingness to test yourself! Come to the workout; we will become strong, fast, and tenacious together!

Fitdance is not only a muscle strengthening and super cardio workout but also learning the basic steps of different dance styles.

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This workout will be loved by those who like aerobic training and choreography or dance FitBody FitBody is an effective interval training with a combination of exercises to increase muscle tone and burn fat.

The workout is accessible for different levels of workout enthusiasts, as the load levels can be adjusted personally. Come for a workout and start creating your next summer bikini body! Training for young people-noortetreening A fun and exciting general physical training for young people aged The studio training is meant for learning the correct technique of the exercises, development of various physical abilities, and endurance.

We focus on the diverse development of young people. The goal is to release the body and mind from the physical and emotional tensions that have accumulated there.


The class is calm. Kinnita konnektor.

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Pulsianduri patarei tööea pikendamiseks eemalda konnektor rihma küljest pärast iga kasutuskorda. Higi ja niiskus võivad hoida elektroodid märjad ja pulsianduri aktiveeritud. See vähendab pulsianduri patarei tööiga. Lisateavet pulsianduri hooldamise kohta leiad Polar H1 pulsianduri pesemisjuhistest.

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Treeningu alustamine Kanna südame löögisageduse monitori ja pulsiandurit. Ooterežiimi avamiseks vajuta ajarežiimis nuppu OK.