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Mary burned all of the letters that Tom had sent her. Peaksite eeldama, et e-kirjad pole privaatsed.

Bernoulli and M. Patrin who mentions the amber rosary with a different species of insects preserved in each bead. Gilibert's tours around Lithuania were the opportunity to enlarge the geological collections and to adapt them to the needs of the school. He also appreciated the importance of ordinary specimens representing the geology of the area. These specimens not only enriched the natural history cabinet, but also defined the way of working and collecting.

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Ha was the first to found and gather fossil animals from near Grodno. The signs of mineralogical and geological interests of Gilibert can be found in the works of other authors of that epoch L.

Viteta and J. Mary põletas kõik kirjad, mille Tom talle saatis.

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Mary burned all of the letters that Tom had sent her. Tom burned all the letters that he got from Mary.

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Kirjad, mille Tom Maarjale kirjutas, tagastati avamata. The letters Tom wrote to Mary were returned unopened.

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Rebisin kõik kirjad, mis te mulle kirjutasite. I tore up all the letters that you wrote to me. Kuidas seda nõuda?

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All the letters I received from Tom were in French. Mary viskas minema kõik Tomile saadetud kirjad.

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Mary threw away all the letters that Tom had sent her. Copy Report an error Tom tahtis põletada kõik kirjad, mis ta oli Maarjalt saanud, kuid John ütles talle, et ta ei peaks seda tegema.

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Tom wanted to burn all the letters he had gotten from Mary, but John told him he shouldn't. Copy Report an error Tom kavatses põletada kõik kirjad, mille ta oli Maarjalt saanud, kuid John ütles talle, et ta ei peaks seda tegema. Tom was going to burn all the letters he had gotten from Mary, but John told him he shouldn't.

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Tom ja Mary põletasid kõik kirjad, mille Johannes neile saatis. Tom and Mary burned all of the letters that John had sent them.

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Copy Report an error Yun lisaks koduste kirjadega vähe märkmeid. Mu isa ütles: "Kuna teie naine on pintsli ja tindiga võimeline, võib ta kirjutada teie ema kirjad kodust tema jaoks. Kui kurb see on?

Little is known about his work conducted in Lithuania in the field of geology and earth sciences. The author has decided, on the basis of Gilibert's publications and analysis of the literature works of J.

Married for twenty years and nothing to show for it but a few photos, letters and receipts? How sad is that?

Maarja põletas oma truudusetu väljavalitu kirjad. Mary burned the letters of her unfaithful lover. Rääkige minuga prantsuse keeles, kuid hääldage kõik vaikivad kirjad. Speak to me in French, but pronounce all the silent letters.

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Siis andis ta oma kirjad teisele ratturile. Then he would give his letters to another rider.

Lefrancois, M. First, the Gantry proton-therapy that is characterized by a compact equipment and an accurate 3-dimensional treatment of tumors more than patients have been treated by Gantry from to Secondly, new technologies in the fields of energy and transport.

Need kirjad on kõik valesti! Tom and Mary burned all the letters they got from John. Teie kõne on täiesti arusaamatu ja teie kirjad on alati kirjutatud täiesti loetamatult. Your speech is utterly incomprehensible, and your letters are always written completely illegibly.

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Võib-olla pole Vanity Fairil paremaid satiire kui kirjad. Perhaps in Vanity Fair there are no better satires than letters. Copy Report an error Need pliiatsiga kirjutatud kirjad hõõruvad ehk ära; kuid minu südamesse graveeritud tunded ei saa seda kunagi.

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Those letters, wrote with a pencil, will, perhaps, rub out; but the sentiments engraved on my heart never will. Copy Report an error Selle ja selle meili teema sisaldab Fabrikami, seega teisaldati e-kirjad Fabrikami kausta reegli "Fabrikam in subjekt" abil.

The subject of this email and this email contain Fabrikam, so the emails were moved to the Fabrikam folder by the 'Fabrikam in subject' rule. Edaljidele saadetud kirjad olid adresseeritud Reverendile, The letters sent to the Edaljis were addressed to the Reverend, Ta avas kõik, isegi abikaasale adresseeritud kirjad.